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Cloudian Global

Cloud ERP Implementation and Support


Are you still looking for the right ERP strategy?

Make sure that what you choose is the one best-suited in today’s modern-day work environment. One that delivers adaptability, usability and sustainability.

Our ERP delivery and support model is designed to achieve not just implementation success but equally, if not more important – customer success.

The ERP strategy that works!

  • Simplified Implementation Methodology 

  • Robust built-in features and capabilities

  • Full cloud technology to meet today’s modern business needs

  • User-centric ERP design

  • No technical know-how required for users to use

  • Voted by users as “most usable” ERP for many consecutive years

  • Strong Support Team composed of certified support specialists

  • Team in the cloud means faster and more effective response to your needs

  • End-to-end support and dedicated support option available

Minimize Risk
Leverage Acumatica’s Industry-specific ERP Editions to address your fundamental process and data requirements with zero technical customization 
Learn more: Acumatica Editions
Reduce Cost
Engage a focused team to   deliver your end-to-end ERP implementation requirements at costs that create a positive impact to your budget 
Get Responsive Support
Modern approach to support by certified ERP consultants and support specialists

A modern engagement model

Your team in the Cloud.

  • Based on an ideal delivery location where talent combined with cost-effectiveness result in substantial cost-reduction


  • Using modern communication platforms, implementation and support activities are better managed and executed


  • Negates or minimizes the need for in-house experts to administer and maintain the ERP system

Set the Pace.

  • Companies have different priorities, timelines and staffing situation, implementing an ERP should not distract a company from its core competencies

  • We work with clients based on their desired pace (fast, phased or long-haul)

  • We focus on data. In the end, what an ERP creates is an effective and efficient flow of business data

Go Live. Stay Live.

  • From the perspective of the ERP lifecycle, implementation represents a short period of time


  • What’s even more critical to ERP success is it’s continuous and effective utilization of users for the intended purpose


  • Access to support for service requests and assistance is crucial to achieving this

Contact us for more details

We are here to assist. Contact us by phone, email or via our social media channels.

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