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Acumatica Rated #2 Best ERP System Globally in Massive User Experience Survey

Updated: Nov 4, 2019

ERP Owners ranked Acumatica Cloud ERP as the number 2 best vendor in a recently conducted survey by SoftwareReview titled Emotional Footprint Report on Enterprise Resource Planning.

The report is based on consolidated data collected from a total of 960 respondents all of whom are verified users/owners of 18 of the most popular ERP systems globally.

In simple words, the aim of the study was to determine which ERP systems are most popular with their users in terms of overall usability, user-friendliness, ROI, and vendor relationship qualities. The survey was also featured in an article on

As for the methodology used, there were a total of 25 questions grouped into 5 major categories. Below are some of the significant wins of Acumatica in the categories of Service Experience, Conflict Resolution, Negotiation and Contract, Strategy and Innovation, and Product Impact.

Highlights of the Emotional Footprint Report on Enterprise Resource Planning report:

To view the full report by SoftwareReviews, visit their website here.


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