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 Solver BI360 

Financial Planning, Budgeting and Analytics

Cloudian Global is a Solver partner and official distributor of BI360.

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Still relying on Excel for your complex reporting and budgeting needs?

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Take Financial Planning and Budgeting to the next level with BI360.

What is BI360 Suite?

BI360 is a leading web-based Corporate Performance Management (CPM) suite made up of budgeting, reporting, dashboards, and data warehousing, delivered through a web portal. BI360 is offered for cloud and on-premise deployment and represents the next generation of CPM solutions. 

BI360 empowers business users with modern features including innovative use of Excel in the model design process. End users have anytime, anywhere access from a modern Web Portal and Mobile Apps.

Architecture Overview:

The Reporting, Budgeting and Dashboard modules can both run live on a number of different ERP systems as well as off the BI360 Data Warehouse.

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Whether it’s retail, healthcare, government, or education, we pride ourselves on delivering powerful, cost-effective BI solutions for your specific business.

  • Banking, Financial Services & Insurance (BFSI) 

  • Distribution, Retail and E-Commerce

  • Education 

  • Government

  • Healthcare

  • Hospitality

  • Manufacturing 

  • Media

  • Professional Services

  • Real Estate


The result is professionally presented in Microsoft Excel, Web and on mobile devices, and users can refresh reports on-demand and drill down to detail, eliminating the need to export and reformat reports or the use of multiple report writers across your transaction systems.


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Consolidate any number of companies, automatically or manually eliminate intercompnay transactions, and currency convert your data. You can also apply IFRS to GAAP adjustments and any other consolidation-related rules, including minority ownership handling and allocations.

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Consolidations, Eliminations, & Currency Conversion

BI360's report writer offers groundbreaking collaborative functionality, allowing your managers to be alerted of major discrepancies, quickly access and analyze reports that reveal business issues or opportunities, and add questions or commentary directly with the reports.

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Make Better Decisions Faster with Collaborative Reporting

Leverage the intuitive, Excel and Web-based BI360's Budgeting and Forecasting module to quickly create and deploy input templates based on your existing budget model, or completely redesign and modernize your model. Simplify and expedite the implementation with templates.


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Pre-defined Models for Industry-specific Planning

Distribute ownership, so contributors can access, review and share new insights into your budgeting activities. Discuss and define strategic plans and related targets, and then share these with the budget users. Workflow and discussion during the budget process drives participation.

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Produce Complete Budgets and Forecasts through Collaborative Planning

Replace multiple, older reporting, planning and analytical software with the single BI360 suite for lower maintenance, lower ongoing training and support, less IT and consulting dependencies.

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Simplify and Streamline Planning Processes

Dashboards can be highly summarized and KPI-based for executives, but they can also be detailed operational dashboards for line managers and end users across the organization. Data feeds can come from your ERP system as well as from any other data source you feed to the BI360 Data Warehouse.


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Easy Integration
and Intuitive Design

Replace multiple, older reporting, planning and dashboard solutions with the single BI360 suite for lower maintenance, lower ongoing training & support, less IT and consulting dependencies, all while sharing data visualizations as an accessible, impactful extension of data analysis for team members.

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Connect the Dots for All Stakeholders

BI360 dashboards are housed in the same BI360 web portal that offers powerful collaboration functionality, allowing your team to access, discuss and share new insights from dashboard analysis. Now you can make better decisions, with better information, to drive productivity across your organization.

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Illustrate Company Data through Collaboration

Leverage diverse data types with a singular, high performance data warehouse platform that you can configure for company-specific analytics. In this multi-cloud and multi-system enterprise technology era, a modern, pre-built data warehouse allows you and your team to hit the ground running 


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Connect Company Data Sources in a Multi-cloud World

Leave behind the traditionally complex, expensive, and risky planning and implementation of a "homegrown" data warehouse, often with mediocre results. Instead, deploy the BI360 Data Warehouse in days or weeks instead of months or years, and at a fraction of the cost and risk of your own data warehouse.

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Priced and Built for the Mid-market

Reconcile multi-company financials or simply bring together disparate data sources for richer analyses, using the flexible and customizable data warehouse to store, organize, and utilize company information. The platform is business user friendly, so team members in your organization can access data.

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Perform Financial Consolidation

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